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Tiffany Taylor


Tiffany Taylor is a professional dancer who has trained and performed  in several genres of dance for numerous years, as well as taught the art of dance at dance studios and schools for over 15 years. Taylor  became a part time stay at home mom in 2017 after giving birth to BWB's "trusty assistant", Skyler. She decided to make the most of her time and created the Boogie Woogie Babies format, which combined her love of dance, teaching, exercising, spending quality time with her daughter, and making extra money. Taylor wanted to provide a class for parents and caretakers that would not only be fun for little ones, but big ones as well! Taylor is also the co-owner of BWB's sister company, Beyond The Boogie Dance Company located in Upper Montclair, NJ.

Skyler Bio.jpeg


"Trusty Assistant" & Co-Owner

Skyler is the inspiration of Boogie Woogie Babies! She has been training in tap, ballet, and gymnastics since the age of 2.5. When Skyler isn't assisting her mom with dance classes or helping her write songs, she can be found taking dance and karate classes or practicing with her cheerleading team. Skyler also loves making videos as a content creator for her instagram @_everybodylovesskyler

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